How to Plan Your First Piano Recital

by Lily on November 24, 2010

You may have been studying for months, or even years. Your friends and family may have been asking to hear you play piano. It’s time for you to share your talent in the form of a piano recital. A music recital traditionally focuses on one performer or composer. But don’t feel limited to that- as long as you have a theme uniting the pieces or performers, your recital should still be accessible and enjoyable. Planning a recital does take some preparation, but it’s also very enjoyable to bring together music lovers and share music.

When are you ready to play piano in a recital? Your teacher can help you figure that out, but you should be able to play at least five pieces accurately from memory. If you plan on a solo recital, you should be able to play at least fifteen pieces. Depending on how long you have to prepare, you can select a piece or two to learn for the recital, but to expect to learn more is unrealistic.

When planning your recital, you’ll need a venue and a date. Lots of recitals and performances are held in December, May and June. If you want to hold a recital during those times, you may need to secure a venue well in advance. Possible venues include music schools, studios, community centers, houses of worship, and even your home. Make sure that your venue is capable of handling set-up, breakdown, and any equipment or services you’ll need. If not, you’ll need to hire a firm or recruit volunteers.

Decide whether you prefer to play piano alone, with a group, or as part of a series of performers. If you play with a group, you’ll need to rehearse regularly, and if you have a series of performers, you’ll need information on their acts and need at least one dress rehearsal to ensure everything goes smoothly the day of the performance. Determine the theme of your recital- it can be the works of one composer, one musical period, style, or songs selected because they have a certain theme or characteristic in common.

You’ll need to publicize your recital. The traditional methods include flyers and notices in school, or community newsletters, but modern methods include email lists and social networking. Start advertising at least a month in advance, but not more than three months. On the day of the recital, remember to relax and have fun. You don’t work the piano- you play piano. Have fun, and break a leg.

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